Are You Confused? What are the proper ways to use creatine?

These questions are repeatedly asked by individuals in the weight lifting community.

• What time of day should I use creatine?
• Can I use creatine while dieting?
What is a “Loading Phase”?
• How do I get this supplement into me?

This discussion will help to set the record straight and guide you in the right direction. If you have been to a gym at all WIKI creatine has been brought up. When you get a group of people together comments fly and sometime misinformation gets into the mix. So take a few minutes and read and go away more informed.

How to start a routine using creatine.

A decision needs to be made, will I start with a Loading Phase or not. Is a Loading Phase of creatine good or a bad idea. At the beginning we can chose to saturate our muscle mass with the supplement or just use a regular dose of creatine. To saturate requires the athlete to take an increased amount of creatine into his or her system for five to seven days. This in itself is not a long term commitment and is not to be considered over doing it or harmful to our body. This style of beginning a creatine routine has been shown in studies not to be harmful.
Typically the amount is around 20 grams per day of creatine. This can be split up into two, three or even four different timings to take the creatine. If you believe this is too much, reduce the amount to 10 grams per day over ten to fourteen days. It will have the same result. If you are using a powder form of creatine, a teaspoon equals 5 grams of powder. One caution, it is not recommended anywhere I have found to go above 20 grams for five days. The result can be a liver or kidney malfunction which will convert the creatine into unwanted chemicals in our body.

The next phase: Maintenance

Maintenance is just that, maintain what you have started. Once the saturation of the muscle mass has been accomplished, keeping the mass at a consistent level is critical to muscle performance. Reduce down to 2-3 grams a day of the powder supplement. This will easily get the job done. This is based upon a diet with a correct amount of red meat on a daily basis. If you are vegan you will need to adjust amounts of intake. As a suggestion if you are a vegetarian keep your maintenance level at five grams per day.
If you want this routine to be of any benefit it must be followed every day. This is not an on again off again kind of thing. Do it or don’t do it. If you don’t follow your plan you are wasting your time and more importantly your money.

What to use to get the creatine into our system.

Juice seems to be a common transport of the creatine powder. Grape or apple is used with success. One reason why is it has been shown in some studies that juice will help the body to spike an insulin response which allows for a quicker and greater absorption rate. To achieve the maximum effect to body absorption would be to use dextrose to mix with the creatine. Fructose does not have the same effect as dextrose on the body. Timing can have an effect. If the decision is to take the supplement after a workout the muscle mass benefit is increased. This come from the fact that after the workout the muscle glycogen is the most willing to refill it’s stores with the creatine. Also, consuming a carb rich meal afterwards will further help the process. Keep in mind that creatine is not just for power lifters, any athlete who performs at high levels of energy for short periods of time can benefit from this type of supplement routine.

Creatine and your workout

What if I am trying to diet?

So does creatine have a positive or a negative impact on trying to lose fat? The main reason for a person to diet is to lose fat or extra weight. Makes sense, less fat equals a healthier body and a better life. Also, a stronger body will yield the same results. So I pose a thought: Why not the best of both worlds? Lose fat gain muscle. It is very possible. The increased activity in the gym or weight room combined with creatine and the reduction of excess calories will end in a powerful result. Gaining strength will increase your performance in the gym and burn more and more calories.

Women and the use of creatine.

One last note, creatine is functional for both men and women. For whatever reason, here in western society, women tend to consume less red meat than men. Therefore they have less protein intake and could benefit from the supplement. Some studies have shown that for some reason women do not retain or hold creatine in their muscle mass as well as their male counterparts.

Final few thoughts.

If you are using creatine stay with it and gain muscle. If you are using creatine and not following the correct procedures then start fresh and get it done. If this has gotten your attention then go ahead and start a.s.a.p.